Candropharm Orderentry Team

Today you will be reading about our Orderentry department. Its tasks and whom participates within this department. You will view our behind the scenes and get some insight in the lives of our colleagues. Orderentry works together with Sales and Logistics. They make sure every order is put in the system correctly and put Logistics to work.

Goodday everyone. My name is Nicole and I am one of the first employees at Candropharm. I am married and have 2 beautiful children.

Before I started working at Candropharm in May 2018, I worked at different companies. From home care to hospitality. From car dealers to flower nurseries. Through the many different years and the huge load of challenges, I have become who I am today.

I love and enjoy life.

At Candropharm I am still growing. I started off in the logistics department. I have really enjoyed working in that department. I had several roles that I could carry out. That would keep the job nice and very varied. Not one day was the same.

Since the 1th of June, I have also taken on the task of order entry. Orders that come in via e-mail to the sales department are passed on to me. I then make sure that everything is perfectly in the system so that the logistics department can process the order.

Carpe Diem!