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CBD-Isolate CBD99

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CBD-Isolate CBD99

Candropharm is Europe’s leader & Innovator in CBD. The natural derived extract is ready to use bulk material for formulations. The isolate has a purity of 99.5+% and has the highest level of pharmaceutical quality. The natural extract has undergone a process whereby all contaminaties that appear in the basic material of the product have been removed.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from hemp.

This product is a dietary supplement.

All Candropharm products are tested externally in an independent laboratory to ensure quality for our customers and the legal framework of our products.
Product Batch number(s)
CBD99 batch no. 5133
batch no. 5132
batch no. 5131
CBN98 batch no. xxxx
CBG98 batch no. 5124

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