Candropharm Cooling Cream

Our CBD cooling cream will soothe and cool sore skin and muscles naturally. The potent blend of CBD and camphor provides a quick-absorbing cream that can easily be used anywhere and anytime. You will feel the effects immediately, but it is gentle enough to be used daily.

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Product Description

Our topical products are all non-toxic and cruelty-free. They also contain no parabens or sulfates.The 74 ml white, airless pump bottles with clear caps contain our CBD cooling cream. We can help you create a customized product formulation or explore other packaging options.

The Candro Cooling Cream is:

  • is 100% natural
  • is Non-Toxic
  • is Sulfate Free
  • is Silicone Free
  • is Cruelty Free
  • is Paraben Free
  • is Gluten Free
  • is Lactose Free
  • contains 0% THC
  • meets the highest safety standards
  • has a Pharmaceutical grade quality

On request the following documentation is available:

  • Technical Datasheet (TDS) for Candro Cooling Cream
  • Certificate of Analytics on all Cannabinoids for Candro Cooling Cream

Standard Label
  • MOQ: Not applicable
  • TTD: 1 working days
  • Wholesale & Retail
White Label
  • MOQ: 10 Pcs. per SKU
  • TTD: 1-5 working days
  • Wholesale & Retail
Private Label
  • MOQ: 100 Pcs. per SKU
  • TTD: 1-5 working days
  • Wholesale & Retail
Bulk ingredients
  • MOQ: 1 liter per SKU
  • TTD: 1-5 working days
  • Wholesale & Retail
  • This is a cosmetic product.
  • This product contains 0% THC, this is measured by the external laboratory Brightlabs, with an LOQ of 0.01%. For further information, see the analysis certificate of the relevant batch/product.
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