Candro CBD-Ultra

Candropharm’s CBD-Ultra and Heneplex water soluble product are formulated with our pure CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD distillate, our water soluble liquid is the perfect way to deliver the benefits of CBD in form factors that your consumers already love. Ease of use makes it the ideal CBD solution.

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Product Description

Candropharm was the founder of the water-soluble CBD. We introduced this unique formulation at the beginning of 2017. We were the first company in Europe to launch this outstanding product. In the meantime, this product has undergone the necessary developments and has been continuously improved.

CBD-Ultra and Heneplex are up to seven times stronger than a conventional hemp oil. This is why it is so much more effective, because the product is water-based and water is absorbed much better by the body.

Comparison of both products:

CBD-Ultra Heneplex
Compared to oil CBD-Ultra is up to seven times stronger than a conventional hemp oil Heneplex is up to seven times stronger than a conventional hemp oil
Cannabinoid contains CBD contains CBD and over 75 vegetable terpenes and is high on other minor cannabinoids. You benefit fully from the so-called entourage effect.This makes it one of the most effective CBD drops of all. Terpenes are aromatic substances that have been shown to enhance the efficiency of CBD.
THC Non detectable THC Minimum THC content, within the legally permissible amount
Taste Light hemp taste Strong hemp taste

The oil is produced under the strictest conditions and fully complies with European food safety legislation. This product is offered as a bulk ingredient or as a private and white label and the desired potency can be adjusted to your specifications.

Candropharm guarantees:

  • Highest safety standards
  • Pharmaceutical quality
  • 0% THC
  • Free from preservatives, additives, insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals or herbicides
  • Vegan
  • Each batch tested by an accredited external laboratory (Brightlabs) for cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides and given a mycotoxins screening test
  • Produced in the Netherlands