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At Candropharm we would like to change the world together with you

Partnership & Wholesale

Candropharm would like to transform the world in cooperation with its partners. We do have a broad customer base worldwide and distribute our products to pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers and online nutritional webshops. We even supply our products to the cosmetic and food industry. We like to work with different manufacturers of CBD-containing products to vary our product range.

For each individual product batch an analysis certificate is created. This certificate shows that all performed tests checked the content of CBD and other cannabinoids in our products. In addition, all products transported by us are certified to determine the microbiological and chemical purity as well as the content of residues. These third party laboratory tests gives us a very unique position are carried out on a regular basis to ensure the highest possible quality to our partners.

We focus on our mission. This applies for our partners with whom we are cooperating with and those who are interested. Candropharm is always interested in new partnerships which we could give the opportunity to expand and assist with help of our products. Our product range varies from CBD crystals to hemp oils and we have many more custom made products.

Candropharm most popular products

  • CBD in hemp oil

    Candropharm 50

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  • CBD in hemp oil

    Candropharm 100

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  • CBD for pets (dogs)

    Candrofera 100

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  • CBD-Ultra


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Private label CBD

White label CBD oil products specialist in Europe and the UK

As one of Europe’s largest White Label CBD producer we offer you turn-key solutions and always endeavors to supply products of the highest quality. Our CBD products contain no THC. With us you are assured of consistently high quality. Because we produce in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 conditions and HACCP, and our products are also tested by an external laboratory. We leave nothing to chance. Candropharm White Label specialist Europe and UK Candropharm has grown to Europe’s leading suppliers of white and privat label CBD products. Hundreds of businesses already do rely on the services which Candropharm supplies. We

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Private label CBD Products Europe and UK

Candropharm’s  Private Labeled CBD Products are among one of Europe’s and UK’s largest players.  Are you looking for a full service CBD producer you are at the right place with Candropharm. Private label is our game we are the playing field.  Come on in and join Candropharm we are your partner where you were looking for. Why should you choose Candropharm? We are already Germany’s biggest producer of CBD oil in a range of varieties and quantities and we are the leading supplier of water soluble CBD-Ultra products. The products that we make are of the highest quality and are

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Candropharm for pharmacists

As a pharmacist you naturally want to supply the very best products to your customers – products that you can sell in complete confidence. So which wholesaler should you use? Candropharm is an excellent choice if you are looking for certainty and for healthy, THC-free and 100% organic products. Candropharm acts as a wholesaler for pharmacies. With us you are assured of short delivery times, which means you don’t have long to wait before the products you have ordered are in your hands. Candropharm succeeds in maintaining consistently high quality. Before we deliver the products to you as a pharmacist

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At Candropharm, we work hard for the world of tomorrow. Are you looking for hemp oil, CBD oil, CBD crystals or other products? We would be happy to offer you our wide assortment.

Our uniqueness is that the products we offer you are sustainably produced, safe, THC-free and not cytotoxic. We have the best CBD products – the highest quality of our hemp products is guaranteed at all times.

We are an international supplier of CBD products based on years of research and development. We have worked hard to maximize the efficiency of the products in our range. Thanks to the good cooperation with our partners, today we can deliver the best CBD oils, sprays, powders and crystals to you.

Join us for a shopping spree and learn more about what Mother Nature has to offer!

Candropharm produces by the strict standards

Candropharm offers customers the world’s purest and strongest cannabinol (99.5%). We manufacture our products according to ISO 9001 and GMP standards. It took us 15 years of research to develop a process that allowed us to produce the world’s highest purity grade CBD crystals. 99.5% – you will not find a higher purity anywhere else. In the production of our products, we use only organic quality materials. As a result, our products contain no heavy metals, pesticides or other impurities.

Our product batches and products are subjected to the most rigorous laboratory tests and standardized cultivation, processing and distribution are controlled by a quality management system. It guarantees that all our CBD products are of the highest quality.

On request, we will gladly send you the analysis certificates for all our products.

Candropharm products are tested in certified labs

CBD from Candropharm​

Here you can find all information about the CBD from Candropharm International. Our information is intended for both wholesalers and resellers. This product is not a medicinal product. This product is a dietary supplement.​

Research and Development

More than 15 years of research, experience and development enable us to produce the purest and most effective CBD products with an undetectable THC concentration. We work together with pharma industry to further improve our products.

Production according GMP

We offer our customers a wide range of products. They are manufactured according to the guidelines and principles of GMP. This guarantees the high quality of our products at all times. Candropharm is in the process of certification. We are able to meet your specific requirements through cooperation with our business partners.

ISO9001 (UK)

ISO 9001:2015 standard

The certification guarantees that our products meet the high quality standards. It strengthens our reputation in the industry and confirms year-round stringent production controls. Candropharm is in the process of certifying, estimation second quarter 2019.

Candropharm mediacentrum

Learn the latest sensations in our industry, read newsletters and news in our media center. News about developments within Candropharm, our products, the market and EU regulations concerning the use of CBD. If you want to contribute, please contact us.

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