Cosmetics and Topicals

CBD and Beauty

Renowned for its restorative power and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, CBD is an effective and naturel anti-inflammatory. Everyone is unique, sometimes a little goes a long way and sometimes you just need that little bit extra.

CBD products contain several different types of omegas, which help with skin cell regeneration, skin immunity, as well as deep nourishment. Combat the visible signs of aging by harnessing the powerful antioxidant properties of our creams. Reduce inflammation, rejuvenate a dull complexion, even skin tone, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

As one of Europe’s largest CBD suppliers for the B2B market we can offer our clients turn-key solutions. Brands and customers throughout the industry rely upon our products knowing they are made in compliance with the highest quality standards and manufacturing practices.


Although there are many ways to use CBD if you need relief from aches and pains a topical applied directly to the skin is the way to go.

Candropharm and her partners have developed, tested and produced high quality products providing proof of third party testing and in possession of certifications guaranteeing compliancy

Cosmetics & Topicals are available in

White label
White label products are proven concepts that you can leverage for faster success providing greater leeway for marketing and branding while keeping casts lower on the production side.

Private label
Guaranteed consistent high quality, no development casts, no fuss no muss but still your own brand. Determine your own pricing strategy and build customer loyalty.

lf you want to provide your customers with a quality brand with guaranteed consistency, completely worry free.

Assurance of top quality ingredients and the freedom to develop your own products. available as oil / distillate / powder