Human Nutition

Delivering the best functional and Cannabis solutions by using the best ingredients and consumer products. A market that is in its infancy within the EU and UK. Together we are ahead in the fastest growing market of the next 10 years in the field of food innovation. At Candropharm, we want to support our business partners to ensure that foods, food supplements and drinks appeal to all senses in support of the endocannabinoid system. Our cannabinoid ingredients are relied upon by brands and customers throughout the industry, because they are made in compliance with the highest quality standards and manufacturing practices.

Within the food industry by working together on high quality raw materials, think of CBD isolates, Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Distillates and Water Soluble solution. We have the possibility of supplying everything from authentic smell and taste to completely odourless and tasteless. Candropharm serves the market by supplying raw materials in bulk, but also as a Bag-in-Box solution, directly applicable within your production lines. And for the retail sector, a wide range of CBD oil, gummies and ingestibles. Both with a good mix of the right cannabinoids, like CBD, CBG and others, as functional products directly applicable to your customers.