Meet Candropharm youngest member/sprig/sprout of the family – CBDBoost. After a long process of development and improvement, we are proud to present you our nicotine-free e-liquids for vaping. They contains pharmaceutical grade CBD, has a nice flavour and a balanced VG and PG. They are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and GMP. 

Candropharms CBDBoost provide your customers CBD e-liquids based on XY% VG and XY% PG to give them a strong throat feel and a gentle cloud/a gentle throat feel and a bigger cloud/a nice throat feel and an enjoyable cloud, with 5% CBD and a flavour for a pleasant taste. Check out our flavours! Like our indistinguishable flavour of the famous Heisenberg, called Heisen.

To ensure that everyone can easily take it with them, we offer our e-liquids in 10ml bottles with child lock.

We are convinced that our designed CBDBoost-box will be an eye-catcher for your shelf.