Candropharm CBD Wholesale


CBD benefits are uncontested today. After a period of intense media interest, CBD oil has become an internationally valued product that people use for themselves, their families and their pets and that is presented in an incredible variety of ways.

One of the reasons CBD wholesale has had such exponential growth is that it’s a versatile product, capable of presentation in many different forms. As a food supplement, Candropharm’s many wholesale offerings are both novel in format and impeccable in quality. Here’s a brief overview of what we offer and how we can help retailers, wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies to succeed in this field.

What makes Candropharm a European market leader?

There are a number of reasons we’re so successful. As Europes largest producer and leader of CBD products, exporting to over 40 countries worldwide, we focus on two main areas: quality and innovation.

Quality – we’re the first CBD manufacturer in Europe to attain ISO9001, ISO22000 and ISO13485 certification. This means that we can guaranteed a higher quality of production than any other European provider. Our CBD food supplements are pharmaceutical level in both production and refinement and produced under GMP guidelines to ensure the highest standards.

Innovation – from our water-soluble gel capsules to our flavoured broad spectrum oils, we’ve always been an international leader in the presentation and delivery of CBD products that are attractive, palatable and of a consistently high quality.

CBD bulk - everything you need to know about wholesale CBD purchasing

 When looking at bulk or wholesale CBD purchasing there are several things to consider:

Wholesale can mean different things to different suppliers. At Candropharm we offer both large and small-scale volume purchases within our ‘wholesale’ category. Minimum purchases can be as low as a litre of hemp oil, or we can provide all our wholesale CBD products at the full pallet scale for bulk purchasing.

Another key issue is shipping options – for both retailers and wholesalers getting your chosen product rapidly can be vital to fulfilling onward orders and meeting customer demand, while for pharmaceutical use, consistent delivery options of consistently excellent product are essential for both research and formulation purposes.

Finally, stock levels can be a problem if you choose an unreliable wholesale CBD vendor. To succeed in this area requires well established supply chains, utterly reliable manufacturing plants, the ability to create CBD materials with high consistency and reliability and the ability to manage stock levels successfully.

Candropharm excels in supply chain and logistics, ensuring that our products aren’t just superb quality but also handled and delivered with the utmost professionalism.

Wholesale CBD - what to order

There’s a wide range of wholesalers out there. How do you find the best one for you?  Well, apart from looking at quality standards, delivery options and stock levels, innovation is a key determinant of what to order. Consumers are always looking for new ways to improve their wellbeing, dietary supplementation is something that most people do as a matter of course, and everybody wants the easiest and best way to enjoy CBD benefits.

Examples of Candropharm’s innovative CBD wholesale offerings include:

  • CBD-phytocannabinoid-rich soft Our water soluble PCR soft gels contain 25 mg Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Minimum order quantity,1000 gels (or 30 bottles each pre-packed with 30 soft gels).
  • Candropharm 50 is a 100% Natural Cannabis Sativa L hemp oil, extracted from Cannabis Sativa L. grown in European soil, but without the psychoactive substance THC* and therefore an exceptionally safe food supplement. Minimum bulk order quantity, one litre.
  • CandroPure Phytocannabinoid rich broad spectrum hemp oil. A phytocannabinoid rich broad spectrum hemp oil with two CBD profiles, either 5 and 30%. Minimum bulk order quantity, one litre.


Our ambition is to deliver safe, high quality products, produced to the highest standards, including: ISO9001:2015, ISO22000, ISO13485, GDP and GMP guidelines. We aim to meet, and exceed, the highest quality standards in the EU.


We already ship to over forty countries worldwide, and we’re a leader and pioneer of the rapidly growing phytocannabinoid market.


Candropharm constantly reinvests substantially in quality control, research and process improvement to guarantee consistent product production.We undertake extensive testing throughout the vertical column, from seed to final product. This success is driven by a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who thrive in our informal, customer-oriented culture. Our broad customer base forms the starting point for every aspect of our activity. Their needs, ideas and aspirations inform each partnership, ensuring we work together in an atmosphere of confidence, clear communication and fulfilled expectations

The Candropharm commitment

Several things make our CBD wholesale products unique. In addition to our quality control, our innovation and our focus on customer satisfaction, we commit to external testing from an independent laboratory that ensures all our CBD bulk products are free from preservatives, additives, insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals and herbicides. We oversee all our production from state of the art facilities in the Netherlands, to give our customers complete peace of mind.

Contact us today to find out why we’re the ideal supplier of all your bulk CBD needs, or to place your order.