Candropharm Sales-Team: Petra

Candropharms Team

As promised, today we will give you a little insight on our behind the scenes of Candropharm. We will introduce you to our various departments. Together we are strong. We can rightly, and with much pride, call ourselves one of the largest suppliers of CBD products in Europe and beyond.

Let’s continue with our international sales team, which currently consists of 5 employees who are responsible for international sales.
As we understand that the topic of CBD is still associated with many questions and uncertainties we find it very important that you, as a customer, have a personal contact person within Candropharm. A long and successful cooperation is the hallmark of Candropharm, for which a basis of trust is essential.

In an independent satisfaction survey carried out in the summer of 2020, our sales team was awarded an overall score of 9.1, a result of which we are enormously proud.

    Hi Petra,

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hi, My name is Petra and I’m a 45 year old mother of 2 children. After studying psychiatry in Germany, I worked there for almost 15 years before moving to the Netherlands. In my spare time I like to read and cook.
  • When did you join the company? I’ve been working as a sales manager for Candropharm since the very beginning. I’m so proud of the enormous growth this company has experienced in recent years and am honored to have played a part in that growth. So much so that I practically consider it my 3rd child.
  • What made you want to work in CBD company? Ever since I first heard of the Cannabis plant, I’ve been fascinated by the components of this plant and the interaction between all the Cannabinoids it contains. I also love to share the knowledge and insights I’ve gained with my clients and am extremely proud to be able to sell something so beneficial.
    • What makes this company special?
      At Candropharm, personal contact with customers comes first and I thoroughly enjoy the daily contact with customers from all over the world. Candropharm grants me the freedom and the opportunity to expand the cooperation with customers. I’m encouraged to share my knowledge about our high quality products, to lead projects and to actively participate in the development of new products.
    • How do you stay abreast of the latest developments? Aside from my colleagues from sales and production & logistics, there are many colleagues with a great deal of scientific knowledge of the cannabis plant and all its incredibly influential components. This knowledgeis regularly shared within Candropharm.
    • What are your personal favourite products? My personal favorite is our Broad Spectrum oil which has an excellent cannabinoid profile , ensuring that the entourage effect kicks in letting all the cannabinoids work together perfectly.
    • Do you use CBD yourself and how has it benefited you? As I myself suffer from an autoimmune disease, CBD is an indispensable part of my life. I feel fitter and healthier using CBD and even the inflammation levels in my blood haveimproved significantly.
    • What inspires you every day and what motivates you when you’re at work? I work with great colleagues and have daily contact with customers from all over the world, which I truly enjoy. That, and of course the fact that I can sell such a wonderful product makes it a pleasure to go to work every day. Hopefully I’ll continue to be part of the Candropharm family for many years to come.
    • When are you most satisfied with your job? Competition has increased enormously in recent years, but our customers rely on our knowledge and quality. To me, the fact that they have remained loyal to us over the years clearly proves that Candropharm is one of the largest and best players in the CBD marketplace.
    • Explain what the impact is of this company and why you feel it’s important. We supply not only the pharmaceutical industry, but the cosmetics and food industries as well with our high-quality CBD products and the raw materials for them. In order to do so, possessing all the correct certifications is mandatory. I’m proud to say that Candropharm complies on all fronts demonstrating clearly how high quality, pure and safe our products are.