Candropharm Sales-Team: Petra

Candropharms Team

As promised, today we will give you a little insight on our behind the scenes of Candropharm. We will introduce you to our various departments. Together we are strong. We can rightly, and with much pride, call ourselves one of the largest suppliers of CBD products in Europe and beyond.

Let’s start off with our international sales team, which currently consists of 6 employees who are responsible for international sales, as well as another team of 4 employees, who focus on personal contact with our end customers.  As we understand that the topic of CBD is still associated with many questions and uncertainties we find it very important that you, as a customer, have a personal contact person within Candropharm. A long and successful cooperation is the hallmark of Candropharm, for which a basis of trust is essential. 

In an independent satisfaction survey carried out in the summer of 2020, our sales team was awarded an overall score of 9.1, a result of which we are enormously proud.

Today, let’s start with Candropharm’s very own.

My name is Petra and I enjoy working at Candropharm, which I have been working at since 2018. For some time now, I have been Team Leader Sales. Before I started my journey at Candropharm, I worked in the medical sector for almost 20 years. Which explains why I am familiar with anatomical and physiological processes and have always been interested in them.

As I have worked directly with and on patients for many years, I enjoy it enormously that I also have personal customer contact here at Candropharm on a daily basis. Therefore I have the opportunity to create a basis of trust with the customer.

I enjoy listening to your needs and love the opportunity of working with you to find the perfect solution for your business. Like my colleagues, I am happy to answer any questions or special requests you may have. Over the last few years I have also been lucky enough to meet many of my clients in person.

I work part-time, 5 half days a week and am a mother as well as a passionate cook(who also loves to eat). As a balance, I read a lot or meet up with friends for a lovely glass of wine.