Candropharm Logistics Team

Yet again we will give you a little insight on our behind the scenes of Candropharm. Today you will be introduced to our Logistics departments. Together we are strong. We can rightly, and with much pride, call ourselves one of the largest suppliers of CBD products in Europe and beyond. Lets continue with our Logistics department. This department currently consist out of 2 employees. Their main tasks are to stock the warehouse, manage production, re-order products/ingredients and ofcourse ship all products towards our customers, you.

For now we will start with our very own.

As of June 2020, I, Dirk, have been completing the logistics task at Candropharm.    

I am 53 years old and already have a lot of experience. Besides working at Candropharm, I am a real bon vivant who likes to socialise with others and listen to some good music. This, and over 30 years of experience, are the key ingredients that make me who I am.  I can also regularly be found in the café, where I work behind the bar every week. This is where I met Beau. She is a real catering woman, who works hard and precisely, but also likes to have a good time. Then I told myself: “We need her in our team!”

So, here I am, my name is Beau, I am 29 years old and I have been working for Candropharm since October 2020. I work 4 days a week, of which two days I am working on production and the other two days I am sitting on my logistics chair. Besides working, I am active in sports, go on fun trips and enjoy being in the kitchen. I can also be found in the café on a regular basis, but mostly behind the bar than in front of it. After all, working in the hospitality industry is part of my identity.

I like the variety between both companies and sectors!

What makes us so strong as a team is that, in addition to a nice way of communicating, we are working together on logistical improvements, we learn from each other, our noses are pointing in the same direction and there is room for humour. Laugh together, work together!

Think of it as a good cocktail; with the right amount of ingredients, we make sure that the right orders are on your doorstep tomorrow!