Private label CBD Products Europe and UK


Candropharm’s  Private Labeled CBD Products are among one of Europe’s and UK’s largest players. 

Are you looking for a full service CBD producer you are at the right place with Candropharm. Private label is our game we are the playing field.  Come on in and join Candropharm we are your partner where you were looking for.

Why should you choose Candropharm?

We are already Germany’s biggest producer of CBD oil in a range of varieties and quantities and we are the leading supplier of water soluble CBD-Ultra products. The products that we make are of the highest quality and are produced in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards and HACCP. Our products are THC-free. We deliver a consistent level of quality and all products are tested by an external lab. This way you are assured of the highest quality.

One of Europe’s largest CBD Private Label suppliers, what makes us unique?

If you wish to make use of the private label option you need to order a minimum quantity of 100 pieces per variety and 1000 units of packaging c.q. labels.  Gladly to help you out! Our in-house product and brand design and development team has all the skills and knowledge to assist you bring your brand quickly to market at a fraction of the expense of hiring equivalent employees or freelance contractors.

In the hemp-derived products sector, we deliver not only the finest technology, raw materials and finished products, but also the best experts that include our employees and strategic alliances with only the best external service suppliers. We will help you out with building your own brand and Private Label. 

How to order Private labeled products at Candropharm?

First you choose which CBD products you want to have; they may be pure or already processed. Either way, they remain THC-free. Then you choose how many milligrams, the level of concentration for the CBD oil, and whether in addition to the hemp seed oil you wish to have other oils added.

Next you choose the level of concentration of the CBD oil. Because we supply custom work this can be any desired percentage. We also offer you the possibility of add your desired flavour to the CBD oil. We have a limited number of options for this. Then we have 10 ml or 30 ml bottles available, and finally you design your own packaging and/or label.

For developing your private label we have a cloud, where you can adapt the files for the packaging and labels to suit your wishes. We then send your design to the printers, after which we receive a digital specimen print. If this specimen print meets with your expectations the production of the quantity of products ordered by you can go ahead. Should it not be what you were expecting then you can make further adjustments. We always endeavour to supply the best possible products to you, bearing your own design.

We offer the option of ordering the total package from us. In that case you can choose from a variety of forms of CBD oil, capsules, balsam, CBD-ultra and crystal. It is entirely down to your preference.

Dozens of customers have already used our services before you, and have given us positive feedback, and this is underlined by the fact that we have many repeat customers. All our products are organic, THC-free, and produced with the greatest care and attention.

Candropharm is your best partner for the future for custom-made products or your brand.

Or would you rather choose White Label?

  We leave it all to you!  Would you prefer to develop your branding and buy our unlabeled White Label products. You’re welcome!