In addition to an attractive product range, Candropharm also offers interesting services for these products, especially for our B2B customers who want to go a step further. Our services can be divided into the following product groups:

  • White label: With the white label, you will receive only the filled bottles.
  • Privat label: With privat label, you will receive a standard product within a custom design / brand, the
    product is packaged and delivered as desired.
  • Taylor made: With Taylor made, you are free to design your own products. From Cannabinoid profile
    and carrier oil to packaging options.

Private Label

We offer the option of ordering the total package from us. In that case you can choose from a variety of forms of CBD oil, capsules, balsam, water-soluble CBD and crystal. It is entirely down to your preference.

White Label​

A white label solution is a product that’s created by one company but marketed and sold by another. That means you, the entrepreneur, can customise and tailor your product to your market, or markets, without having to think about the quality or consistency of the CBD that you’re choosing. Our job is to produce the best CBD bulk products for you to use in a range of attractive market items.

Tailor made

Candropharm is a European leader in the production of bulk and wholesale CBD, with a focus on superb quality control, offering a full range of products. Our ISO certified products guarantee both quality and consistency so our CBD bulk clients can relax, confident that they will always have the best quality and most reliable wholesale CDB for their purpos