CBD Bulk Ingredients


CBD Bulk Ingredients

When you’re looking for a great CBD manufacturer to supply you with CBD bulk ingredients, it can be difficult to assess exactly who is going to be the best supplier to meet your needs. We’ve created this guide to help you understand how to choose and what you need to look out for.

Find a leader in the field of CBD

CBD production is a new industry. It’s growing rapidly and that can mean the emergence – and disappearance – of companies that are in it for swift profits rather than long term reputation. If you are going to market products containing CBD to the general public, one of your highest concerns should be for CBD quality. While it’s tempting to go with the cheapest product – that temptation isn’t always your best option. CBD is an evidence and delivery led field, people have high expectations of a product and demand consistency from their suppliers. End consumers can always shop around and will quickly abandon a product that doesn’t meet their needs. This can lead to you being left with a large stock of product you can’t retail, because it’s unpopular and badly reviewed in the marketplace.

Candropharm is a European leader in pharmaceutical quality CBD production, proud to possess not only ISO9001:2015 the international quality management standard but also ISO 22000:2018 relating to food safety and ISO 13485:2016, the standard for medical devices. For us, reputation is everything and our intention to remain at the forefront of CBD manufacture, worldwide, is what drives us to ensure we constantly improve and usage our quality standards. That’s why in 2021, we’re working towards Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification – a way of assessing our facilities, standards and risk assessment at the highest possible level. It is considered to be the ultimate test for food manufacturing.

Seek out the best quality hemp

Like any rapidly growing and variously regulated industry, it’s been the case that some manufacturers have chosen to use sub-standard hemp to create bulk CBD products. There have been instances of CBD materials containing pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other pollutants which are actively harmful to consumers as well as affecting the ability of the products to function appropriately.

At Candropharm we commit to only using industrial quality mature hemp stalks. This not only guarantees the quality of the wholesale CBD products we offer, but also allows us to focus on a greater degree of innovation because we are beginning the process with raw materials that are guaranteed to be pure, powerful and consistent. To maintain our standing as one of the best CBD bulk material producers, we call upon a third party laboratory to undertake quality assessments of our raw materials and our finished products, guaranteeing that our purchasers can rely on our pharmaceutical quality CBD isolate to be free of anything that could taint or affect their own brands and product lines.

Check for a wide range of CBD bulk ingredients

Let’s assume you want your business to grow and expand – and who doesn’t? You will want to find a bulk CBD manufacturer who can work with you as you develop new lines and move into new territory.

Candropharm is a confident innovator – our products currently include, but are not limited to: CBD Isolate, CBN Isolate, CBG Isolate, THC-free distillate, Crystallise-Free distillate, Water soluble CBD powder. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these products to help you understand how the right CBD bulk ingredients manufacturer can further your business aims.

  • CBD99 Hemp extract (Isolate) – we create the purest possible form of CBD isolate: +99% or higher. The processes we use remove all other cannabinoids and toxins and leave a crystallised finished product, a bulk material ready for your personalised formulation.
  • Water soluble CBD solutions – Candropharm was the very first source of water-soluble CBD in Europe. This was a deal changer for the market because CBD is not naturally water- But applying certain technical processes, we succeeded in making CBD soluble and suitable for various industries such as the food industry and cosmetics.

Examine your shipping options

If you’re buying CBD bulk ingredients, you’re between a bulk CBD manufacturer or supplier and your end customer. This means you have to rely completely on the manufacturer to offer you the kind of shipping that will allow you to satisfy your customers without delay or disappointment.

Candropharm constantly seeks out new fast shipping options, testing routes and costs and offering our clients the very best deals to ensure that they are able to build a customer base that is loyal, satisfied and likely to engage with a range of CBD products because they know and have confidence in the quality and availability on offer.

We hope you’ve found our checklist useful. If you’re ready to find out how our CBD bulk ingredients can help you start and grow your own business, contact us today!


Our ambition is to deliver safe, high quality products, produced to the highest standards, including: ISO9001:2015, ISO22000, ISO13485, GDP and GMP guidelines. We aim to meet, and exceed, the highest quality standards in the EU.


We already ship to over forty countries worldwide, and we’re a leader and pioneer of the rapidly growing phytocannabinoid market.


Candropharm constantly reinvests substantially in quality control, research and process improvement to guarantee consistent product production.We undertake extensive testing throughout the vertical column, from seed to final product. This success is driven by a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who thrive in our informal, customer-oriented culture. Our broad customer base forms the starting point for every aspect of our activity. Their needs, ideas and aspirations inform each partnership, ensuring we work together in an atmosphere of confidence, clear communication and fulfilled expectations