CBG Isolate +98% bulk

CBG Isolate

Candropharm’s CBG98 is one of the purest and most consistent CBG products on the market. As a 100% natural Cannabis Sativa L extract, derived from mature hemp stalks to ensure quality, this CBG isolate offers a wide range of applications.

Our patented cleaning process ensures that this CBG isolate has 0% THC*, making it an invaluable dietary supplement with no potential adverse effects from psychoactive THC components. The purity of our CBG isolate delivers 100% natural cannabinoid, ensuring the efficacy and bioavailability of this valuable dietary aid.

Why choose CBG Isolate?

The answer lies in the chemical nature of the CBG and CBD elements of cannabis sativa. Essentially CBG is the precursor for other cannabinoid, having a higher interaction rate with the brain and with the endocannabinoid system, making it a more effective dietary supplement. CBG is relatively low in proportion to CBD and CBDA which are both much more present in hemp. This means that producing CBG isolate requires more sophisticated extraction methods which produce a refined and effective natural supplement ideal for incorporation into food supplements, topical preparations or for onward retail.

CBG isolate is also popular within the cannabinoid marketplace because of its efficacy as a food supplement, its versatility, and its presentation, which makes it easy to incorporate into other products.

CBG isolate has a crystalline format, which has high applicability, but a major consideration is the crystal size and regularity of CBG isolate. Candropharm ensures it’s CBG +98 Isolate has a fine, consistent presentation which gives manufacturers, retailers and research chemists a fully reliable material, suitable for their needs.

Candropharm - a European leader in wholesale CBG isolate

Producing top quality CBG isolate requires:

1. A focus on quality control, which is why we have not one, not two, but three ISO certifications (ISO900, ISO22000, and ISO13485), in fact we were the first company in Europe to achieve all three certifications. We also produce our CBG isolate under Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines to pharmaceutical standards in a highly controlled environment.

2. Production of CBG in a fashion that allows it to be used in a variety of products. The Candropharm isolate is a key ingredient in some of the industry’s most well known, and most innovative, products. This is possible because our extraction and clarification processes remove any contaminants that might feature in the raw material such as:

  • additives
  • heavy metals
  • herbicides
  • insecticides
  • mycotoxins
  • pesticides
  • preservatives

While any and all of these elements might attach themselves to the naturally growing hemp product, elimination of them from our isolate guarantees its purity and applicability in a wide range of formulations.

3. Effective extraction methods. We use alcohol to extract CBG from the hemp biomass. This is because, unlike super, sub, or mid-critical methods of extraction, alcohol doesn’t require high temperature, meaning that the beneficial properties of the CBG are unaffected.

4. Awareness of formulation requirements. CBG isolate is invaluable because it is odourless, tasteless, and highly concentrated. This makes is perfect for use in many wellness and cosmetic formulations especially because our delivery of pharmaceutical quality isolate means that our CBG+98 is uniquely consistent in such products. The externally tested purity of our product makes it simple to use as a food supplement or in specific retail products that require a precise amount of CBG.

Ready to buy bulk CBG isolate?

Choose our CBG98 isolate, with guaranteed vegan status, and a rigorously tested and validated third party certificate of analysis (COA), to provide yourself, or your customer with the finest, purest and most consistent CBG isolate on the market. We offer both large and small volumes and guarantee fast shipping to ensure you can meet onward demand.

*THC content: LOQ<0.005


Our ambition is to deliver safe, high quality products, produced to the highest standards, including: ISO9001:2015, ISO22000, ISO13485, GDP and GMP guidelines. We aim to meet, and exceed, the highest quality standards in the EU.


We already ship to over forty countries worldwide, and we’re a leader and pioneer of the rapidly growing phytocannabinoid market.


Candropharm constantly reinvests substantially in quality control, research and process improvement to guarantee consistent product production.We undertake extensive testing throughout the vertical column, from seed to final product. This success is driven by a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who thrive in our informal, customer-oriented culture. Our broad customer base forms the starting point for every aspect of our activity. Their needs, ideas and aspirations inform each partnership, ensuring we work together in an atmosphere of confidence, clear communication and fulfilled expectations