Candropharm Sales-Team: Karim

Candropharms Team

As promised, today we will give you a little insight on our behind the scenes of Candropharm. We will introduce you to our various departments. Together we are strong. We can rightly, and with much pride, call ourselves one of the largest suppliers of CBD products in Europe and beyond.

Let’s continue with our international sales team, which currently consists of 5 employees who are responsible for international sales.
As we understand that the topic of CBD is still associated with many questions and uncertainties we find it very important that you, as a customer, have a personal contact person within Candropharm. A long and successful cooperation is the hallmark of Candropharm, for which a basis of trust is essential.

In an independent satisfaction survey carried out in the summer of 2020, our sales team was awarded an overall score of 9.1, a result of which we are enormously proud.

    Hi Karim,

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up in a German-Dutch family in Germany only 2 minutes from the Dutch border. So I grew up bilingual. Like any German, I spent the normal 10 years in school and then graduated from high school. After that I started at university. At the age of 18 I also started my own business with eCommerce projects and gained some expertise which I like to share with our customers who havewebshops. I love to travel and see new cultures. I have a Japanese koi pond at home and love the tranquility of the pond.
  • When did you join the company? When I was asked to work forCandropharm at the beginning of 2020 I quickly decided to return to work in a CBD company.
  • What made you want to work in CBD company? I am convinced of the power of CBD and I want to sell a product that helps others and that I believe in myself.
    • What makes this company special?
    • Candropharm is a very open,modern company. We invest time in our customers but also in the development of new products. At Candropharm there is always something new and we have a greatteam spirit amongstourselves.
    • How do you stay abreast of the latest developments? We discuss new products internally in the company, likewise I’m in contact with manycustomers. I also spend a lot of time readingabout the latest trends in CBD.
    • What are your personal favourite products? I actuallylike all our products and I also trythem all. Since I have problems with my neck muscles I currently use the new CandroSportBalm which really helps me.
    • Do you use CBD yourself and how has it benefited you? I use it for my neck pain and have very good experiences with CBD as pain relief.
    • What inspires you every day and what motivates you when you’re at work? I am a very focused person and I look forward to working every day to implement new exciting projects with our customers.
    • When are you most satisfied with your job? When Isee that my customers are happywith our products. It’s also always nice to finish private label customer projectsand to see how they enter the market.
    • Explain what the impact is of this company and why you feel it’s important. Candropharm develops CBD products on a new level. The products are produced under the highest safety standards and we always ensure consistent quality for our customers around the world. In my opinion, no other company offers this special quality and safety. Candropharm contributes to all CBD consumers in the world.