Private Label Water Soluble

Water-soluble CBD isolate is a concentrated nano-emulsified liquid that can be dissolved into almost any liquid food or beverage. We invented this water-soluble CBD in 2017, becoming the first company in Europe to actively manufacture as well as sell it. Since then, we have done a lot to refine the water-soluble CBD isolate. We have experimented with new techniques and improved our existing techniques to ensure that the quality of the product continues to evolve. This is how we also want to keep advancing our water-soluble products and produce them according to the latest research.
The production of the water-soluble CBD To ensure that the water-soluble CBD can actually dissolve in water, the products are manufactured using a water-based process. During the manufacturing process, we always make sure that the strict European conditions are adhered to. That is why we are the first manufacturer in Europe to be certified according to ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO13485 and ISO22716. In order to ensure the high quality standards at all times, we regularly have the products analysed by an independent laboratory. What kind of products are there? We have two kinds of water-soluble CBD: “CBD-Ultra” and “Heneplex”. The products are water-based and because of this, they are up to seven times stronger than traditional hemp oils. This is because the water-soluble CBD can be absorbed by the body much more easily as a result of the water, and thus the efficiency is much higher. This is ideal when your customers wish to see quick results. CBD-Ultra is a water-soluble hemp oil isolate, which means it contains only pure CBD. Normally, CBD molecules like to stick together. However, they can be more easily absorbed by the body when the molecules are separated from each other. That is why we have developed CBD Ultra, which is a patented process whereby we trigger the CBD molecules to separate from each other a second time. This way you can always offer your customers the best efficacy. Another advantage of CBD-Ultra is that it has only a slight hemp taste, unlike Heneplex. We also offer, as already mentioned, Heneplex which is a water-soluble broad spectrum oil. Heneplex has the advantages of a full spectrum oil, but with a much lower THC content. In addition, it contains over 75 plant terpenes, which is why the potency is enhanced. The so-called entourage effect is created with these drops and this makes Heneplex one of the most effective CBD drops around. While there is no detectable THC in CBD-Ultra, there is a minimum amount of THC in Heneplex, but naturally within the legally permitted amount. This means that the water-soluble CBD should not cause any intoxicating effects. A general advantage of water-soluble hemp oils is that they are both 100% free of preservatives, additives, herbicides, heavy metals, pesticides and insecticides, which is why you are completely natural. So you can offer your customers a vegan product, where the production process is also as environmentally friendly as possible. Bulk, private label or white label? Both CBD-Ultra and Heneplex are offered in bulk, white label or private label. The advantage of private label is that you can market the products under your own brand and you don’t have to worry about the manufacturing process. Moreover, we can supply you with as many products as you need and thus tailor the quantities to your individual specifications. In addition, you have the option of adapting the products to your wishes and, for example, having a say in determining the proportions. Please allow a few months in this case, as we have to develop and test the products carefully so that they meet the high safety requirements and can be sold safely. If you need advice, for example about which form is most suitable for you, how much you need, or what options there are for customisation, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us at +31 (0)492 472 515 or