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Candropharm Bulk Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil

Candropharm is one of the largest manufacturers of hemp oil and other CBD products in Europe. We are proud to be the first European company to be ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO13485 and ISO22716 certified. This means that we ensure the highest food quality in hemp oil production and can therefore meet the strictest conditions. Our hemp oil is made from naturally occurring CBD content grown on European soil.

Characteristics of hemp oil

Our hemp oils are all organically produced and are therefore vegan and free of preservatives. In addition, all hemp oils in our range are 0% THC, so there is no risk of an intoxicating effect. Furthermore, they are extracted in the Netherlands using the sub-critical method, to ensure that the positive influences of the plant are not lost. Because the quality is constantly monitored and we have to meet high standards, you can be assured that the products are always of the same high quality.

Candropharm Bulk Hemp Oils

Different types of hemp oil

You can get the different oils with different percentages of CBD. Even though all types are legal and contain no THC – preventing your clients from getting into a psychedelic state and making it safe for usage in everyday life – there are differences between the available options which we will explain to you. As a result, you can choose the option most suitable for your customers.
  • CBD isolates:

    These hemp oils contain only pure CBD. This means that no other cannabinoids or ingredients have been added. Since there are no terpenes either, they have a mild aroma. It is therefore very suitable if you have people in your target group who are sensitive to cannabinoids.
  • CBD full-spectrum oil without THC:

    In contrast, these hemp oils contain several ingredients, such as effective cannabinoids, terpenes, natural vitamin E, valuable phytosterols and omega-3 and omega-6. The advantage of the full spectrum oil is that the combination of the different ingredients creates a higher level of effectiveness. Our full-spectrum oils are also very similar to broad-spectrum oils in that they contain 0% THC. Therefore, they are perfect if your customers want to be sure that there are no THC traces, but still want the positive benefits of hemp oil.

Hemp oil from Candropharm

All of our hemp oils are available in bulk, white label or private label. This means that you can decide for yourself what suits your company and your company concept better. In bulk-so you can fill it into small packs yourself? As a white label, so that the bottles are filled for delivery, but you still have to label it yourself and pack it in a box if necessary? Or as a private label, so that it arrives ready for sale – i.e. filled, labeled and packaged – and you can sell it immediately? Various options are available for you. Your best bet is to weigh the pros and cons and decide what you want.