Water Soluble Tinctures

By expanding your range with water-soluble tinctures, you can provide your customer with a dietary supplement with a high potential for effectiveness. This is due to do the fact that water-soluble CBD is easier absorbed by the body than regular CBD. It also contains 0% THC, which is why no hallucinogenic effect can occur and why these water-soluble tinctures are safe to use in everyday life, such as in traffic. Read on for more information about these products.

Water Soluble Tinctures

What are water-soluble tinctures?

Cannabinoids like CBD are not usually water soluble as they are hydrophobic. Because oil is also hydrophobic, CBD is perfectly soluble in oils. However, the human body is made up of at least 50% water and is better able to absorb hydrophilic products. Therefore, we have developed a process to make the cannabinoids water-soluble. Thanks to an emulsifier we have succeeded in developing a water-soluble hemp oil, in this case water-soluble tinctures.

Water-soluble tinctures versus CBD oil

Our water-soluble tinctures are very similar to CBD oil, and therefore have many similarities. Both products are liquid and contain various cannabinoids and terpenes. It also contains 0% THC and the products are free of any preservatives, additives, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals. The difference, however, lies in the carrier. Normal CBD oil is made based on a carrier oil, which means that it is not water soluble. Water-soluble hemp oil tinctures, on the other hand, have been made water-soluble during a special process and are therefore up to seven times more potent than conventional hemp oils.

Our products

We have included two different water-soluble tinctures in our range, namely the CBD-Ultra and the Heneplex CBD. The CBD Ultra can be considered a CBD isolate and does not contain any other cannabinoids. In addition, it only has a slight hemp flavor and therefore minimal impact on mouthfeel. The Heneplex CBD, on the other hand, contains several cannabinoids and terpenes and can be included in the broad-spectrum of water-soluble tinctures. The ease of use is the same as the CBD Ultra, only with a slightly stronger hemp flavor. By combining multiple cannabinoids together, the entourage effect can occur. This means that the different cannabinoids reinforce each other and can produce a higher potency altogether than each cannabinoid individually.


If you would like to include the water-soluble tinctures in your range, you can order them with either a white label or a private label. You can buy the CBD Ultra and Heneplex in 10 or 30 ml containers. It is also possible to purchase the products in bulk so that you can process them yourself. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, if you have any questions about the various options or would like to learn more about our water-soluble tinctures. Our competent employees look forward to hearing from you and will always make an effort into helping you in the best way possible.