Water-Soluble Hemp Oil

Conventional hemp oil has been on the market for a long time, but the water-soluble hemp oil is a relatively new innovation. Because CBD is naturally not soluble in water. The water-soluble hemp oil was developed, researched and launched by Candropharm in 2017. Since then, the water-soluble hemp oil undergoes constant quality tests to guarantee a high-quality product and is continuously undergoing development.

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Water Soluble Hemp Oil

The water solubility of the oil

Water is absorbed by the body much faster and better, making the water-soluble hemp oil up to 7 times more effective than conventional hemp oil – perfect for customers who want to see fast results. The water serves as a transport aid here, ensuring that the molecules of the hemp oil are somewhat separated from each other, allowing them to be better absorbed by the body. Thus, the water-soluble hemp oil also works more effectively, because losses due to organic processes are minimized. Candropharm’s water-soluble hemp oil is available in two different forms: as a spray or tincture. The water-soluble hemp oil is free of pesticides, metals, herbicides and preservatives, which allows the product to be offered to vegan-oriented customers.

Why you should include water-soluble hemp oil in your range.

Hemp oil has versatile applications that are further enhanced by its water solubility. Due to its versatility, hemp oil is constantly growing in popularity, which is why it is guaranteed to be worthwhile for you to include it in your range. Of course, it is then also advantageous to buy the hemp oil from a market-leading manufacturer. We are also happy to advise you for which customers our water-soluble hemp oil is particularly suitable.

Private Label or White Label

Our water soluble hemp oil is available both as white label and private label. If you choose the hemp oil as white label, it will be delivered without label. So you will only receive the bottled vials and have to take care of the labeling yourself afterwards. If you order the water soluble hemp oil as a private label, you can send us a label of your choice in advance and we will make sure that the label finds its way onto the bottle, so you will receive the water soluble hemp oil completely ready for sale. Delivery times vary based on which product version you order. Generally, white label products have a shorter delivery time than private label products because they are less time consuming on our part.

Special requests and contact

Do you have special wishes regarding the quantity or proportions of your order? Then please contact us! We are flexible and will be happy to help you purchase the right product. If you have any further questions or are not sure which option is best for you, you are welcome to contact our customer service. There you will be helped quickly and competently at +31492472515 or sales@candropharm.com.