Cannabis oil has so many names that it is hard to keep track. Cannabis distillates always have a viscous oil consistency. It is a type of cannabis oil, but not all cannabis oils are distillates. The term distillate is reserved for oils that have undergone a distillation process. We have two different distillates:

  • Distillate Plus
    CBD distillate which has a wide range of beneficial cannabinoids. By using a patented process, we extract almost all THC from our CBD distillate.
  • Crystallise-Free
    CBD distillate which has a high concentration of CBD. By using a patented process, there is no THC present in this CBD distillate.

Candropharm Distillates

Candro Distillate plus

Phytocannabinoid rich CBD distillate, THC-Free* 80-90% CBD | THC < 0.1% | Total sum of cannabinoids > 90% THC-Free CBD-distillate Candropharm’s International CBD distillate is a broad spectrum phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil which has been extracted to its purest form. During the extraction process the tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) has been maximally removed, using proprietary techniques. As a result we offer an extract which has a CBD-potency of 80 - 90% and is rich in other terpenes and cannabinoids as CBG and CBN. Candropharm’s consistent product quality guarantees that it will produce your end-to-end product with a final THC reading far below the maximum permitted limits.

Candro Crystallise-Free distillate

Crystallise-free phytocannabinoid-rich broad spectrum hemp oil distillate 45-65% CBD | + 2.5% CBG | Total sum of Cannabinoids > 85% Non-crystallising CBD distillate Candropharm International offers this phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes and with a CBD profile ranging between 45 and 65% with a minimum of 2.5% CBG. The distillate will not crystallise and delivers the desired cannabinoid content with superior applicability. This oil is formulated to resist crystallisation and maintains its viscosity, resulting in superior usability. This crystal-free hemp oil has not been adulterated with other agents to guarantee purity. Candropharm’s crystal-free distillate is the perfect solution for manufacturers seeking an ingredient compliant with long-term quality requirements.