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We offer an array of finished CBD products, but you can also purchase ingredients individually. This is convenient if you would like to make your own CBD products with safe and high quality ingredients. Our cannabinoid ingredients are valued across the industry as we manufacture everything using the highest quality standards and production processes. Read more about our offer here.
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Candropharms Distillate

CBD Distillates are hemp concentrates with a high CBD content. The Cannabis Sativa L plant undergoes a distillation process so that the THC is removed while the other cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved as much as possible.

As a CBD distillate, we offer two different products, namely CandroDistillate Plus and CandroCrystallise-Free. For the distillation of CandroDistillate Plus we use a patented process, which allows us to extract almost all of the THC from the distillate, leaving a broad spectrum CBD at the end. The CandroCrystallisse-Free is also a distillate and contains a particularly large number of cannabinoids and terpenes. It can be used in many ways, so different products can be made from this distillate.

Candropharms Isolate

While the distillate contains many different components such as cannabinoids and terpenes, the isolate is a pure cannabinoid that is isolated from the other components of the cannabinoid plant. This can be CBD as well as CBG or CBN. The full-spectrum extract is extracted, leaving only one cannabinoid. All other natural compounds of the plant are removed through patented purification processes to create a pure end product. Pure not only means free from other cannabinoids, but also 0% THC and free from heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, preservatives and additives. You can order the CBD, CBG or CBN isolate from us in bulk in various quantities.

Candropharms Water-soluble CBD

Finally, we have water-soluble CBD in different forms. Normally CBD itself is not water-soluble, but thanks to a certain technical process, we managed to make the CBD water-soluble. This means that the water-soluble CBD can be used for a wide variety of products. We offer the water-soluble CBD as an isolate and as a distillate. While the water-soluble CBD distillate contains several cannabinoids and terpenes, there is only pure CBD in the isolate. You will also find the Candro AquaFresh+ in our range, which was specially designed for the nutrition and wellness market. When in it used in products, the taste of the end product is hardly affected and there are minimal effects on the mouthfeel.

Many end products can be created from the various products. While water-soluble CBD can be used as a powder for the preparation of powdered mixtures and tablets, you can use the liquid variants to create tinctures or softgels. Both variants can be used for external use, but can also be added to a drink.

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CBD99 CBD +99,5%

 600,00 2.250,00

CBD99 CBD +99,5%

CBD99 is a 100% natural Cannabis Sativa L extract. This CBD isolate is derived from the mature stalks of the industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L extract), through patented cleaning processes. The isolate has 0% THC.

 600,00 2.250,00

CBG Isolate +98%

 3.000,00 15.000,00

CBG Isolate +98%

CBG98 is a 100% natural Cannabis Sativa L extract. This CBG isolate is derived from the mature stalks of the industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L extract), through patented cleaning processes. The isolate has 0% THC.

 3.000,00 15.000,00

Candro AquaFresh+

Our latest water soluble is simple to use and contains only natural ingredients. AquaFresh+, a broad-spectrum, naturally preserved CBD solution, is specifically designed for the beverage and wellness markets. There are no sodium benzoate or parabens, and there are no harmful preservatives. This CBD-rich formula is filled with minor cannabinoids. It will enhance the flavor and texture of your product. Our customers call it the most versatile CBD ingredient.