Our range of convenient CBD capsules let you get all of the benefits of CBD. Available in easy-to-swallow capsule form, they’re perfect for use on the go.

Choose from a range of ingredients, to suit your requirements of experience with CBD products. Our CBD softgel capsules contains 25 mg CBD and are made, contrary to our CandoCaps, from bovine-devired gelatin.

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May relieve transient discomfort associated with muscles and joints. The CBD capsules provide a unique blend of essential nutrients and plant extracts that can help maintain healthy muscles and joints. Regular use can improve joint function and naturally relieve occasional discomfort caused by exercise and overuse. The added CBD extract has the highest purity of 99.5% worldwide. The hemp oil contained in these products is obtained in Europe from sustainable, organic cultivation without genetic engineering. No pesticides, insecticides or herbicides are used. All products of Candropharm are THC-free and not psychoactive.

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VITAMIN C, B12, D3 Caps deliver a unique blend of essential daily vitamins and adaptogenic botanical extracts to help maintain optimum health and wellness. Vitamin B12 helps boost cellular energy production while Vitamin C and D3 help maintain optimum immune function. Benefits: Helps Maintain Optimum Health And wellness Helps to Boost Cellular Energy Production Helps to Maintain Optimum Immune Function

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CBD-phytocannabinoidrich Soft Gels App. 25 mg CBD-rich water soluble broad spectrum hemp oil 0% THC* Phytocannabinoid hemp oil Candropharm was the founder of the water-soluble CBD. We introduced this unique formulation at the beginning of 2017. We were the first company in Europe to launch this outstanding product. In the meantime, this product has undergone … Wholesale CBD Soft gels 25 mg Read More »


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