The CBD extract can be processed into many different forms. Many forms of processing relate to oral ingestion. However, not everyone likes taking CBD oil orally, whether it’s in the form of liquid oil, spray, or capsule. That is why we have also developed CBD cosmetics. Especially if your clientele is taking the CBD for the muscles and joints, our creams and balms could be an option. Because it is meant for external use, CBD cosmetics can be used quite freely. It also contains anti-inflammatory substances, which is why CBD cosmetics can also be used by people with particularly sensitive skin or skin diseases.

Candropharm Topicals

CBD cosmetic effect

With the CBD products that are taken orally, it is quite clear that they can be absorbed by the body. However, this is less self-evident with CBD cosmetics. Fortunately, we can tell you that our CBD cosmetics are not only caring for the skin, but can actually reach the muscles and joints. CBD can dissolve well in oils and fats. Because our skin is inherently oily, it can easily let the CBD through. Because of our endogenous cannabinoid receptors, the CBD is then absorbed into the body. Presumably, receptors contribute to the generation of pain. By attaching to the receptors, the CBD inhibits further pain and the CBD cosmetics can have a positive impact on temporary muscle pain and joint problems.

Features of our products

Not all CBD creams and balms have exactly the same potency. This has to do with the other ingredients. However, the CBD cosmetic products also have some similarities, such as not being tested on animals and containing 0% THC. It is also important to us that the CBD cosmetics are of high quality. Therefore, the products are manufactured according to important safety standards and certification requirements. This means that the CBD cosmetics always have the same high pharmaceutical quality.

Our product range

We have now launched four different CBD cosmetic products. Each product has its own characteristics. We would like to briefly present our range of products:

  • CBD-Balms
  • CBD-Lotions
  • CBD-Cooling Cream

CBD cosmetics wholesale

If you would like to offer your customers the positive influences of CBD cosmetics and you are looking for a suitable wholesaler, you have come to the right place. As already mentioned, it is of great importance to us to offer the best quality of herbal products. With us you can choose from four different variants. So you have the opportunity to choose the best products for your target group without the product range becoming confusing. If you have any questions or are interested in working together, please feel free to contact us without obligation. Our staff is looking forward to helping you with your questions at +31492472515 or

White and private label

We also offer these products in white and private label.

Private label

White label