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This very powerful muscle balm penetrates deep into the muscles. It is your partner before and after sports and relieves discomfort. But besides the active athletic performance, this balm can also be used for daily discomfort in the joints. The powerful effect is enhanced by eucalyptus, peppermint and a high amount of natural CBD (400 mg) that has been added to this wonderful scenting balm.

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Candro CBD Muscle Balm Sticks combine convenience and comfort. The higher beeswax concentration makes it non-greasy and retains its shape. This makes it easier to apply large amounts of CBD balm stick to large areas. You can quickly relieve stiffness and aches by massaging sore joints and muscles. This versatile product can be stored in a gym bag or elegantly kept in a medicine cabinet.

Candropharm’s topical products are free from cruelty and contain no parabens or sulfates. The Candro CBD Muscle Balm is a 60ml repelstick with a white cap.

We offer this product for wholesale, white and private label.

Beside this, we are proud to offer the product exclusively as bulk, private- and white label to our respected B2B customers.

Candropharm CBD Muscle Balm:

  • is 100% natural
  • is allergen free
  • contains 0% THC
  • not tested on animals
  • meets the highest safety standards
  • has a Pharmaceutical grade quality
  • is produced in the Netherlands

On request the following documentation is available:

  • Technical Datasheet (TDS) for Candropharm CBD Muscle Balm
  • Certificate of Analytics on all Cannabinoids for Candropharm CBD Muscle Balm

  • Apply to affected area liberally. For best results, use
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  • This is a cosmetic product.
  • This product contains 0% THC, this is measured by the external laboratory Brightlabs, with an LOQ of 0.01%. For further information, see the analysis certificate of the relevant batch/product.
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