What is an isolate?

In the context of cannabinoids, an isolate is a product in which a cannabinoid occurs in isolation. The isolate has been isolated at the molecular level so that no other ingredients are actually included. In a CBD isolate, for example, there really is only pure CBD. It is therefore considered to be the cleanest form of cannabinoids.

Candropharm Isolates

How is it made?

Our isolates are obtained from the mature stalks of Cannabis Sativa L industrial hemp. We extract the extract via patented purification processes, which takes place in a strictly controlled GMP environment. This way we can guarantee the highest possible quality. We use alcohol for extraction as it is far less harmful than the CO2 method. The CO2 method requires high temperatures, which impair the beneficial properties of the plant. Since the high temperatures can be avoided with the alcohol method, we can produce better quality with this method.

Our products

We have three different isolates in our range: CBD isolate, CBG isolate and CBN isolate. All have been extracted using patented purification processes to ensure the products are nearly 100% pure. The highest safety standards are proven, so it is guaranteed that the products contain 0% THC. Moreover, the isolate is free from any preservatives, additives, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.
The difference between the isolates lies in the active cannabinoid that can be used in the production of various products. You can process the isolate yourself or sell it as isolate so that your customer can use it himself for the production of CBD/CBG/CBN containing products.

Difference of the isolates

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The CBD is created from the CBG, ie the cannabigerol. The CBG is seen as the mother molecule and is converted into other cannabinoids and THC. Therefore, the CBG is more difficult to extract than, for example, the CBD. The CBN is developed again from the THC. All three isolates have their own effects and can be used for different purposes. If the isolates are combined in the end product, the so-called entourage effect occurs. This means that the different cannabinoids work together, exceeding the potency of the individual cannabinoids.


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