Are you looking for new and unique product lines for your business expansion plans? Together we can find the solution to your company’s needs. Whether you’re seeking a specific solution either in terms of delivery, flavour or result, Tailor-made solutions give you the means to claim & conquer a segment of this vast market. You provide the product specifications and we provide the ‘all-in” services. CBD customized orders can guarantee a loyal following with endless repeat sales and a strong brand reputation.

Why Candropharm

We are a leading supplier of innovative products all over the world with a high level of expertise and a focus on superb quality control, offering a full range of products. Our ISO certified products guarantee both quality and consistency.

Full service support in design and packaging simplifies a customer’s supply chain and allows them to call on our understanding of the CBD marketplace. Our expertise can help guide customers through the legal requirements in place in many countries defining how CBD products can be manufactured, packaged and marketed; and the demands of end users for clarity and consistency not just in product but also in packing and information. This means we offer more than just a service – we can share unmatched expertise in the CBD sector to help our clients succeed.

Finally, we offer multiple shipping options so that no matter how challenging the circumstances; from bad weather to changes in transport regulations, we’re able to help our customers select, package, receive and sell their chosen CBD products easily and swiftly.