Private Label

Would you like to sell THC-free hemp products under your own brand? Private labelling means we remove our brand and logo from the end product and use the branding requested by the purchaser, it means you can’t change the product, but you can rebrand that product as your own. It helps you to quickly add in a new product or service to your line-up giving you a bigger footprint in your marketplace.

What options do you have?

Our branding experts provide the templates so that each customer can create a unique product line. If you are a new customer, the first delivery will take a few days or up to several months. We use this time to customise the product to your needs and design a label. You can use our templates as inspiration for this or use your own graphic designer to do it. If you don’t have a graphic designer available to you, we can refer you to the right people. Once this has all been sorted out, we can usually deliver the products to you very quickly.

Using private labelled products has a variety of advantages your business can benefit from. When you have private labelled products, it means they are manufactured specifically for your brand. You have the ability to make small modifications to our existing products (changing flavors for example)

We also offer multiple shipping options so that no matter how challenging the circumstances; from bad weather to changes in transport regulations, we’re able to help our customers select, package, receive and sell their chosen CBD products easily and swiftly.

Private Label - your own brand on your products

A great advantage of the private label is that you can very easily link your name and company to a high quality product. You do not need to worry about production, quality control and packaging, you can simply order your products from us. This will save you time and you will not need to get involved in the complicated production process, which involves meeting many quality standards. We keep up to date with the latest developments and opportunities so that our products are always optimised, whereas all you have to worry about is reselling them.

Are you interested in the private label option or would you like to receive further information? Please feel free to contact our customer service without any obligation to buy. Just email or call us on +31 (0)492 472 515.